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This mistress was out to use her dirty sneakers to dominate as well as punish this guy and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress had walked on dirt and she had accumulated some dirt on the soles. She then went ahead to trample the shit out of him and crush him as well. It was both painful and humiliating for the poor guy.

Mistress Anfisa took out some toys and she crushed them with her high heels. She was out to punish her slave and the way she did it was to make a mess for him to clean up after her. She did not care what he felt as he watched her do what she did. She then sat down and she watched as he cleaned up the mess she had created.

Mistress Lea wanted to make her slave's work difficult. She was pissed at him and she made sure that he felt humiliated. The mistress did this with her high heel boots and she made sure that the guy watched as she crushed some nuts on the floor with her boots. He was shocked at what he was seeing as he knew he would have to clean up after her. He was made to clean up and to also lick them from both the floor and her boots.

This kid was misbehaving and he did not want to change even though he had been asked to. Mistress Lea knew that he loved his toys and so she used them to punish him and make him change. She crushed them and destroyed them so that he did not have something to play with. And he was told he would get new ones only if he changed and became a better kid.

This mistress was new to crush fetish and she was dying to try it. She did not know how to go about it but she knew she had to get started somehow. That is how she got the loser to do what she wanted and she ended up trying it on a pineapple. She crushed the pineapple with her feet and had a great time making sure she trained herself to be good at it.

Mistress Sassou wanted to prove a point to her man and she did this by crushing a toy. She made sure that she crushed it and destroyed it completely. She did this as her man watched. He was surprised at how animatedly she did it. He had not expected her to do it in that manner. And she was able to send the message she wanted to send to him.

Mistress Luna needed to crush this guy's hand and she did it in a way he had never expected. She felt that he had to do things her way and that is why she chose to make him place his feet on the floor and she used her wooden sandals to crush his fingers. He cried as the pain got to her. He never pissed her off again after that.

Mistress Mira needed to show her friend how to crush. It was fun to crush and they did it for a long time because she needed her friend to have a lot of fun and to learn how to do it like a pro. They made a huge mess in the process but it was worth it in the end and they had a great and memorable time together crushing things.

Mistress Luna was pissed at the way in which these kids were acting. They did not do things the way she expected them to and that is why she had to deal with them. The mistress had noticed that they loved their toys and that they spent a lot of time on them. So she crushed the toys with her sneakers and made sure they did not have toys to play with as she would not buy more until they changed.

Madame Marissa had a lot of time on her hands and she needed to find a way to pass time. She saw some toys in the house and she knew that she had to find a way to deal with them as they were her best bet to pass time. She wore her boots and she started playing with them and crushing them as well. She managed to kill some time.

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