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Mistress Mila was mad at this guy and she wanted to do something she had not done in a while. She resorted to dominating the guy and teaching him a lesson that no one had done. The mistress turned her high heels into a weapon and she crushed the expensive stuff she knew this guy owned. She just picked them and she crushed them and destroyed them with her heels.

Madame Marissa is good at high heel trampling but today she wanted to try boot trampling. She felt that she needed to try a new way of crushing someone and she settled on using her boots to do it. It was super fun and the mistress had a great time as she did it. It was better than she had thought it was going to be. And she incorporated it to her trampling and crushing fetishes.

Mistress Stacy did not have anything to do with old toys that her son no longer used. He had outgrown them and she did not have any other kids. So she used that chance to try crush femdom and that is how she crushed the toys for fun. It was much more fun than she had thought it was going to be and she was tempted to buy more just to crush.

This mistress was on a picnic date with this guy she had met a few days earlier. It was all going well until she realized that he was bigoted and it was something she had promised herself that she would not stomach. She was so pissed at the kind of things he said that she got up and she crushed the food which they were about to it and which he had prepared. She then left.

Mistress Mira wanted to exercise but she did not have the time to go to a gym. So she did this in a different way. She took out a toy and she crushed it while exercising. The mistress had a lot of fun in the process and in no time, she had managed to have all the fun she could and she was also able to burn some calories while at it.

Mistress Dula was pissed and she had to express her outrage. She was not much of a talker so she did not make a big deal about it. All she did was to crush some toys and then warn the guy that he risked suffering the same fate as the toys she had crushed if she did not see any change from him. The message was home and the guy knew what not to do.

Lady Aresah needed to find a way out of her boredom and she felt that the best way for her was to crush some little boxes she had in the house. She did not have any use for them and she would not clean up after herself so she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress had fun and she knew that she could be a thing for her going forward.

This guy had sex with mistress Nina and he got satisfied. But he did not satisfy her and she was pissed. She felt used and that was not a good feeling. She had to punish and get back at the guy. So the mistress had to teach him a lesson and she did so by crushing his dick. But first of all, she made him watch as she crushed some dildos first.

Goddess Tijana was hungry and she wanted to enjoy her food but when she bought it and went to the car to eat it, she found out that it was stale and she was so pissed that she had to crush it and destroy it. She was hungry but she was not going to eat such food as besides being a health hazard, it did not taste good at all.

Mistress Penelopa noticed that this guy was unreliable and she did not want anything to do with him. So she had to do something about it. The mistress cruelly crushed him with her ass and crushed some food with her high heels. After he had done that, the mistress made sure he ate the food from her soles before she was done with him. He ran away so as not to be punished again.

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