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Madame Marissa is good at high heel trampling but today she wanted to try boot trampling. She felt that she needed to try a new way of crushing someone and she settled on using her boots to do it. It was super fun and the mistress had a great time as she did it. It was better than she had thought it was going to be. And she incorporated it to her trampling and crushing fetishes.

Mistress Anfisa took out some toys and she crushed them with her high heels. She was out to punish her slave and the way she did it was to make a mess for him to clean up after her. She did not care what he felt as he watched her do what she did. She then sat down and she watched as he cleaned up the mess she had created.

Lady Asmodina wanted to pass time and so she went to a secluded place. She had intended to take a walk but as she took her walk, she came across some abandoned toys. She went to where they were and she started crushing them. She did not care if the owner was nearby or not. All she did was crush them to pass time and when she was done, she continued her walk.

Mistress Luna was pissed at the way in which these kids were acting. They did not do things the way she expected them to and that is why she had to deal with them. The mistress had noticed that they loved their toys and that they spent a lot of time on them. So she crushed the toys with her sneakers and made sure they did not have toys to play with as she would not buy more until they changed.

When this mistress needed to deal with her anger, she used her crush fetish. It came in handy as it allowed her to take out her anger on an inanimate object and thereby avoid taking it out on someone especially one who did not deserve it. So today she took a walk and while she did, she crushed a toy with her sneakers and she felt better by the time she got back.

Mistress Krush was bored but she knew she could use her crush domination to entertain herself. So she went to her basement and she had fun crushing stuff using her boots. It took her some time to do it and she managed to keep herself occupied for a few hours before her friends arrived and they had fun together. Her crushing fetish had come to her aid once again and kept her busy.

When this mistress has a lot on her mind, she likes to take a walk to clear her mind. Today was one such day and as she walked, she found herself crushing plants along the way as she walked. She was doing it absentmindedly. She only realized it when she was about to finish the stretch which had the plants that she was crushing. But she did not mind it as most of them were weeds.

This mistress needed to crush this doll and destroy it because it brought her some negative memories. She did not like that and she had to make sure that she was done with it in the shortest time possible. So the mistress wore her big boots and used them to crush as well as destroy it. The mistress also crushed it with her ass after she was done doing it with her boots.

Lady Victoria was mad at this guy and she had to make sure that he understood how angry she was. She had to make sure that he knew what she was capable of so that if he ever repeated his mistake, he would know what would happen to him and he would have no one to blame other than to blame himself. So she had him watch as she crushed cardboards with her boots.

This guy had sex with mistress Nina and he got satisfied. But he did not satisfy her and she was pissed. She felt used and that was not a good feeling. She had to punish and get back at the guy. So the mistress had to teach him a lesson and she did so by crushing his dick. But first of all, she made him watch as she crushed some dildos first.

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