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Mistress Mila was mad at this guy and she wanted to do something she had not done in a while. She resorted to dominating the guy and teaching him a lesson that no one had done. The mistress turned her high heels into a weapon and she crushed the expensive stuff she knew this guy owned. She just picked them and she crushed them and destroyed them with her heels.

Madame Marissa is good at high heel trampling but today she wanted to try boot trampling. She felt that she needed to try a new way of crushing someone and she settled on using her boots to do it. It was super fun and the mistress had a great time as she did it. It was better than she had thought it was going to be. And she incorporated it to her trampling and crushing fetishes.

This mistress was out to use her dirty sneakers to dominate as well as punish this guy and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. The mistress had walked on dirt and she had accumulated some dirt on the soles. She then went ahead to trample the shit out of him and crush him as well. It was both painful and humiliating for the poor guy.

Mistress Anfisa took out some toys and she crushed them with her high heels. She was out to punish her slave and the way she did it was to make a mess for him to clean up after her. She did not care what he felt as he watched her do what she did. She then sat down and she watched as he cleaned up the mess she had created.

This mistress was used to crushing toys with her shoes. But today she wanted to do it with her bare feet and that is what she went ahead to do. It was fun but she knew that there was a potential danger of her injuring herself. But that did not deter her from what she wanted to do and it was a lot of fun for her as she did it.

Madame Marissa was in a destructive mood and she felt that she had to destroy a few things. That is what she went out to do and she had a great time doing them. The mistress enjoyed how fun it was and she ensured that she had a great time doing it. That is also how she came to have a fetish for crushing things with her feet and her shoes.

This mistress needed to clear her mind and she had to do something that took her mind off the things that were stressing her. That is why she chose to use her high heels to crush some toys and a few other things. She did not want it to be fun for her but it ended up being a lot of fun for her and she loved what she did.

Mistress Lea wanted to make her slave's work difficult. She was pissed at him and she made sure that he felt humiliated. The mistress did this with her high heel boots and she made sure that the guy watched as she crushed some nuts on the floor with her boots. He was shocked at what he was seeing as he knew he would have to clean up after her. He was made to clean up and to also lick them from both the floor and her boots.

Mistress Stacy did not have anything to do with old toys that her son no longer used. He had outgrown them and she did not have any other kids. So she used that chance to try crush femdom and that is how she crushed the toys for fun. It was much more fun than she had thought it was going to be and she was tempted to buy more just to crush.

Lady Asmodina wanted to pass time and so she went to a secluded place. She had intended to take a walk but as she took her walk, she came across some abandoned toys. She went to where they were and she started crushing them. She did not care if the owner was nearby or not. All she did was crush them to pass time and when she was done, she continued her walk.

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